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лSharme╗ (2002) 13 '
- for piano (dedicated Yuliana Dutchak)

Concerto for piano and orchestra ╣ 1 (2001-2002) 23 '


лHymn of the sun╗ (by the poem of M.Voloshin) (2003) 15 '
- cantata for chorus and symphony orchestra

лHevenly Mechanics╗ (2003-2004) 23 '
- cantata for chorus and symphony orchestra

лMystic Dance╗ (2003) 8 '
- for Piano


лTwo Birds╗ (2004) 5 '
- for two flutes.

лDreams of the old forest╗ (in 3 parts) (2004-2005) 10 '
- for string orchestra


лSilence╗ (2005)
- for piano and harp

лBook of Secrets Night╗ (11glav)
- for flute, viola and harp. Written by order trio лTaratto╗ (Poland) (2005)
I. Night comes
II. The worlds of dreams
III. The spirit of anticipation
IV. The stars in far away
V. Memory
VI. Moths
VII. Lunar Wind
VIII. Loneliness
IX. Flicker
X. Return
XI. Nature wakes

"Trilogy of Life" (symphonic Mystery) (2004-2006) 33 '
- for large symphony orchestra
I. Hymn of Life
II. Ocean of Life
III. Pulsation of life


лGenesis╗ (2006) 20Т
Ц for large symphony orchestra (symphonic Mystery)
Dedicated Andrzeju Hlopetskomu

лElect Sun╗ (2006) 50 '
- ballet-folk-mystery (libretto by A. Rubina),


лSongs of the Sea╗ (2007) (in 4 parts) 40 '
- oratory to poetry M Druzhko for mixing choir a cappella

лAquarius Time╗ (2007) 16 '
- the two violins, horns, piano and string orchestra
Dedicated Artur Shymko

лHymn of Solitude╗ (2007) 20Т (to poetry Galina Posvyatovska)
Ц for soprano, horn, piano, percussion and string orchestra

лSpace╗ (2007) 20 '
- for piano and audio recording


47. лEldest son╗ (12 pieces), music to play by A. Vampilov
- for violin and piano
I. Loneliness
II. Tango
III. Emotions
IV. Letter
V. Father and Son
VI. Story of my father
VII. Snuff-box
VIII. Sarcasm
IX. Passion
X. Hope
XI. Love
XII. Apotheosis


(2009) 12Т
Ц for violin and string orchestra
Dedicated Ievgenia Shymko

- for trumpet, flute, oboe and string orchestra

Concerto for piano and symphony orchestra ╣ 2 (2006-2009)
Dedicated to Alexander Vinnitsky

лOver a billion years before the end of the world╗ music for the play on the novel by Arkadi and Boris Strugatsky
- for electronics, piano and violin


лEksStaTika Fall╗ (2010)
- for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano

лElegium╗ (2009-2010)
- for string quartet and piano

лBirth╗ (2010)
- for string quartet and piano

лOcean of Life╗ (2010)
- for large symphony orchestra

лCherry Waltz╗ (2010) music for the play "The Cherry Orchard" by Chekhov
- for piano, piano and violin, and chamber ensemble

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