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Each of my new compositions is one more attempt to understand for myself the biggest mystery of life � life itself. To attempt to find those threads which had been once closely connecting us with nature. Every one of my compositions is the wish to penetrate into the depth of raging elements, to plunge into the magic world of seas and forests, climb to the heights and flying with the birds to vanish into the blue sky. In each piece I am singing a hymn to our world and life, trying to prolong the moment of perception of different events, occurrences and phenomena. Such as, the grandeur and majesty of the sun in the �Hymn to the Sun�; philosophical infinity and fascinating depth of the sky in �The Heavenly mechanics�; the mystery of raging elements of virgin nature in the �Piano Concert�; fairyness and mysteriousness of the forest in �Old Forest�s dreams�. In my work I try to draw parallels between natural phenomena and human essence. Somewhere it is utopia, somewhere reality, sometimes erosion of the boundaries between reality and fantasy, mundane and exceptional, happiness and unhappiness, life and death, victory and defeat, past and future, human and divine. My music is the voices of birds and the rustle of their wings, the noise of the wave crashing against the cliffs, the sound of the rain and the whisper of the woodland trees. But, the main point is unrestrained flight towards the dream where all is filled with light of the rising sun and all winning love.

Aleksandr Shymko


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