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The biography

Aleksandr Shymko - Ukrainian composer,pianist. Was born August 4, 1977 in Borshchev, Ukraine (Ternopil region). In 1993 he graduated musical school in Chernivtsy and entered S.Vorobkevych�s musical college as a pianist (also in Chernivtsy). Having graduated the College in 1997 he worked as an accompanist and a teacher of special piano in Chernivtsy�s musical school N4. In 1998 he entered the cathedra of composition and orchestration of the P.I.Chajkovsky�s National Musical Academy of Ukraine (class of prof. Jurij Ishchenko). He graduated NMAU in 2002 as a magister of music arts. His diploma (Piano Concerto N1) was performed by National Honored Academic Symphonic orchestra of Ukraine. In 2002-2005 he passed post-graduate study in NMAU (cathedra of composition and orchestration). In this period he has written a lot of various compositions � 2 cantatas for choir and symphonic orchestra (�Hymn to the Sun� on M.Voloshyn�s texts (2003) and �The Heavenly mechanics� (2003-2004)), 2 Symphonies for large symphonic orchestra (Symphony N1 (2002-2003), Symphony N2 �Trilogy of life� (�Hymn to life�, �Ocean of life�, �Life�s pulse�)). In December 2003 he became a member of National Composer�s Union of Ukraine. In 2004 he was awarded a prize of Kiev Mayor for his creativity and for his contribution in Kiev�s cultural life development. Since November 2004 he is the head of youth association in National Composer�s Union of Ukraine. In 2005 he received stipendium �Gaude Polonia� of minister of culture of Poland and studied composition in K.Szymanowsky�s Musical Academy (Katowice, Poland, class of prof. Alexander Lason�). In this period he has written a set of chamber pieces in collaboration with various Polish ensembles and musicians. Thus, especially for �New music orchestra� he wrote �Reincarnation� for chamber orchestra primarily performed on the concerts of the XIX�th �Warsaw musical meetings� (within the limits of Ukraine�s year in Poland). Especially for trio �Taratto� he wrote �Book of night�s secrets� for flute, viola and harp that was primarily performed on the IV�th �Festival of new music� in Bytom, Poland. In 2006 he was given a grant of �Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung� (Munich, Germany) and wrote "Genesis" for large symphonic orchestra especially for the II�nd festival �Velvet curtain�. In June 2006 his �Hymn to life� (1�st section of Symphony N2 �Trilogy of life�). In October 2006 � March 2007 together with famed ballet-master Alla Roubina he worked on staging of his ballet �Sun�s chosen one� (libretto by A.Roubina). In 2008th he wrote music to performance "Elder son" by piece writen by A.Vampilov.Performance was directed by Andrey Riabin on the stage of Dramatic theater of the Black sea fleet of Russian Federation named by B.A.Lavrenev(Sevastopol city). In 2007 year by order of Polish Institute in Kiev he wrote "Hymn to solitude" for soprano and chamber orchestra on words of Galina Posvyatovska.Concert tour around Poland and Ukraine took place in april of 2009 inside project "Between word and sound",where "Hymn to sollitude" was performed by Agatha Zubel and polish orchestra "Sinfonia Iuventus" condacted by Roman Revakovich.Concerts took place in such cities as:Lublin,Warshava,Lviv,Vinnica,Odessa and Kiev. Since November 2006 he works as a counselor in Kiev�s department of National Composer�s Union of Ukraine. In 2007 he was awarded an L.Revutsky�s prize of ministry of culture of Ukraine. He was a member of the organizing committee of the XVII�th international festival �Music Season�s premieres�. In 2007 he became a member of National Composer�s Union administration. Since September 2007 he is the head of the musical department of L.Ukrainka�s National academic theatre of Russian drama.The organizer and music director of the festival "Music Tribune Kiev Youth" (2008).In 2009 he was awarded an M.Verikovsky prize of ministry of culture of Ukraine.
A.Shymko works practically in each genre of classical music. Collaborates with great amount of famous artists and collectives in Ukraine and abroad as well.


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